Dealing with Termite Infestations in the Western Cape Region

If there’s one place that promotes the infestation of termites, it’s the West Coast, which is why it’s important to know about dealing with termite infestations in the Western Cape Region.

Termites may look like ants except that they are white, and although ants are real pests in the home, termites can really cause serious structural damage to any property.

This is why they need to be controlled by termite pest control specialists, in order to protect your property and structural integrity.

With white bodies that are soft but with powerful jaws that can chew through any wooden materials, you’ll find that on the West Coast the two most prevalent termite species found in this region are the subterranean and harvester termites.

The names may sound harmless enough, but the termites themselves are not. The subterranean termites are the nasty ones that will go for all the wood within any structure in which they are present. 

On the other hand, the harvester termites do the most damage to your lawn, where they leave round patches of grass that looks stripped, and, if their food supply should run low, they have no qualm about attacking and eating the wood in structures as well.

Dealing with termite infestations in the Western Cape region

At Pest Control Pros West Coast termite pest control is our speciality! After decades of carrying out termite pest control, our pest control specialists have learned everything there is to know about these pests and how to get rid of them.

Although these little white ants aren’t found out in the open, despite the fact that the damage they cause can easily be tracked and traced. They do live in the soil and have a need to retain contact with the ground, and any other moisture as a source to survive, which is also why they do the damage they do to your lawn.

When it’s time to call Pest Control Pros for a professional opinion about termite control!

We can advise you on a few of the signs that you may have termites on your property, namely;

  • If you find that skirting’s, cupboards or door frames and other wooden structures start sounding hollow to the touch, termites are probably using them for food. They become extremely soft and are easily damaged when you press on them with a finger or with a tool.
  • If there are mud tubes with various tunnels in the wood attached to wooden structures.
  • If you see flying ants after the first summer rains, with or without wings, along with mounds of broken off wings, which are much darker than your typical white ants.

What makes termite control so important?

At Pest Control Pros West Coast, we have seen the tremendous damage that termites are capable of, especially because they tend to eat any wood structure from the inside out, leaving you with just a very thin layer of timber or paint that has no longer got any structural integrity.

These termites on the West Coast love to feed on any wood product that contains cellulose, which includes;

  • Doors
  • Frames
  • Skirting boards
  • Cupboards
  • Roof rafters – a real danger to the structure of your roof!
  • Lawns

Contact Pest Control Pros for expert termite pest control!

Because we understand the danger that termites pose to the structure of your home or business, we extend the offer of free quotations, along with recommendations for the safe elimination of the termites.

We also provide you with a termite control plan, in order to make sure that you will remain termite-free in the future. Contact our friendly team at Pest Control Pros West Coast today for a free quotation, old-fashioned service excellence and prices that cannot be beaten along the West Coast!

We invite you to watch our video on Termites: Signs and prevention tips; you’ll find that the information we’ve gathered over the years will be of invaluable use to you, if you have signs of termites on your property.

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