How Much Do Pest Exterminators Cost?

So, you put the lights on in the kitchen last night and stared straight into the beady eyes of a cockroach or two, caught in the act of violating your clean space! Or, that pesky mouse you’ve been trying to trap for months has suddenly become an entire family. Maybe, ants have started taking over your kitchen or garden.

If any of these experiences resonate with you, or you’ve discovered other types of creepy crawlies making your home theirs, you’ll probably be asking the question; how much do pest exterminators cost?

There are different treatment methods to rid your home or business of pests, and prices will vary according to the various services that may need to be carried out, to get rid of your problems once and for all.

There are, however, other factors that’ll influence what a pest exterminator will cost, but we’ll get to those a little later.

If you think that taking the DIY route to eliminating pests is sufficient, you could end up achieving nothing more than dealing with the immediate problem, especially when it comes to pests like ants and cockroaches, for instance.

You may only see three cockroaches, when the fact of the matter is that there is a complete infestation of these critters hiding in areas that are hard to get to, breeding at high speed.

Ants like to hide as well, in areas like behind your fridge or stove, or in hard to reach areas behind cupboards; so, while you may get rid of those you can see temporarily, they’ll be back out of their hiding places within a few weeks.


How much do pest exterminators cost?

The scale of an infestation isn’t always visible to the naked eye, which you need to take into consideration when deciding between a DIY solution or hiring a professional pest control company.

If you’ve already tried to get rid of pests and they simply keep coming back, it’s time to contact the Pest Control Pros West Coast to tackle the problem at its source!

Pest Control Pros is a highly trained team of pest control specialists who are registered with the Department of Agriculture, as well as being registered with the South African Pest Control Association.

In addition to this, Pest Control Pros bring decades’ worth of experience to every pest control issue we tackle, adding to this a local knowledge that puts us way ahead of the rest when it comes to pest control on the West Coast.

In brief, here are a few questions to keep in mind when chatting to Pest Control Pros about what will have an impact on how much pest exterminators could cost;

How big is your pest infestation?

The size of the infestation will have an impact on what it will cost you to eliminate it. The time it will take to address your problem, especially if you’ve never had pest treatments, will come in to play here cost-wise.

How many treatments will be needed?

If you really want to save money on getting rid of pests, the best you can do is to have a professional pest control system in place, in order to avoid costy treatments when the pest situation gets out of control, becoming a major infestation.

If pests you’re trying to get rid of have become a major problem, you’ll more than likely need quite a few treatments to make sure the pests are completely eradicated.

What type of treatments will you need?

The team at Pest Control Pros suggest the use of eco-friendly pesticides for homes. While eco-friendly pest control systems are generally more expensive than their chemical counterparts, and may require more applications, they are safer for use around children and pets.

On the other hand, chemical pest treatments, when safe to use, will last longer than eco-friendly treatments in general, and they’ll also need less applications to be effective.

At Pest Control Pros, we are more than happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you when it comes to answering all the questions you may have with regard to Pest Control West Coast!

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