How to Identify Different Types of Pests in Western Cape

Learning how to identify different types of pests in Western Cape isn’t something to do on your own, which is why our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast has put together as much information as possible, to assist you with identifying any pest that may be invading your home or business.

As pest control specialists, we also take preventative measures against pests, such as pre-construction termite control, since these pests can do tremendous damage to properties, which is also why we are termite pest control specialists, in addition to the rest of our pest control services.

How to identify different types of pests in the Western Cape

As with each region in South Africa, the Western Cape, especially when it comes to the West Coast, has its own major types of pests that are attracted to the conditions around the coast, and a bit further inland.

At Pest Control Pros we service the entire West Coast, including but not limited to; Vredenburg, Langebaan, Velddrif, Saldanha Bay, St Helena Bay and Yzerfontein.

You can rely on our team of pest control specialists to provide you with reliable service excellence, using quality pest control products which take your safety into account, caring about your budget, to make our pest control services unbeatable in terms of pest control rates along the West Coast!

Back to how to identify different types of pests in the Western Cape. We’ll give you a basic outline of 2 of the most common pests here, just to give you an idea of what to be on the lookout for, with these links to our in-depth information on other common pests on our website, pooled after 30 years in the pest control industry!

How to identify cockroaches

We begin with what is considered the most repulsive, most common pest our customers have to deal with, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

The long, flat insects can squeeze into any tight crack or crevice, and with their almost-camouflage shades of brown and long antennae, they are enough to make the hair on the toughest person stand on end.

Since they love warm, moist and dark environments, cockroaches are commonly found in kitchens, cupboards, bathrooms and even in electrical boxes, drains and sewers.

The best you can do for yourself, your family or your staff, and their health, once you have a cockroach infestation, is to call on our team of professionals to carry out cockroach pest control services, which will put an end to these revolting pests!

How to identify termites

At Pest Control Pros West Coast, we are termite control specialists, knowing the damage that these seemingly small and innocuous pests can do to any property in the Western Cape.

Although termites can be mistaken for an ant, most commonly a ‘white ant’, these are nothing like ants at all! Termites are destructive pests that, if left to their own devices, will cause structural damage to properties that could cost you a fortune to repair.

Although their deceptively soft bodies are white, hence the ‘white ant’ nickname, these termites have unbelievably powerful jaws, which can chew through virtually every type of wooden material on your property.

The West Coast climate is heaven for these pests, promoting termite infestations of two types of species, the harvester termite and subterranean termite.

If you have lawn you’ve worked hard at maintaining, then the Harvester termite will quickly become your nemesis, attacking your lawn and leaving in its wake round patches of stripped grass. 

Although lawns are their ideal food supply, if it should run low, they have no shame about attacking the wooden structures within your property as well!

The Subterranean termites make all wood within any structure their food source, eating away from the inside out, until all you hear when you tap any wooden structure, such as a door frame, cupboard or skirting board, is a very hollow sound. 

This means that you’ll have to replace any of these structures, once our termite pest control specialists have rid you of these pests!

Contact our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast today, to find out more about the care we take in ridding your home of the most common pests you’ll encounter on the West Coast, and in the Western Cape!

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