What is The Best Spray to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Living with cockroaches is unpleasant, to say the least, and the first thing most people do is head for the nearest hardware store, for anything that’ll get rid of the critters that poke their heads out when the lights go on.

The question remains though, what is the best spray to get rid of cockroaches? Especially in a marketplace saturated with sprays and foggers, and a hundred other suggestions that salesmen promise will work?

And yes, you may well get rid of a few of the members of what could be the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the visible cockroaches that are part of a larger infestation that’s out of sight, but that’s often all you’ll do.

They will be back if you don’t get them in their hiding places, which is what professionals are for, and the sprays or foggers have a nasty habit of contaminating surfaces they shouldn’t, causing a health hazard.

The Pesticide Research Institute informs us that the use of a residual spray or fogger when trying to get rid of cockroaches, almost always results in the inhalation of the pesticide.

This is an asthma hazard, and is also hazardous to older members of the family, babies, young children and pets.

What is the best spray to get rid of cockroaches?

Now that we’ve established that using off-the-shelf sprays without expert knowledge is a no-no, let’s look at the way our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast tackle getting rid of cockroaches, whether in your home or commercial businesses and food production areas.

We’d like to tell you a little about ourselves, before we get into our methods of cockroach control, so that you’ll know you’re dealing with a pest control team that believes in safety, service excellence and customer satisfaction above all.

We are pest control specialists registered with the Dept. of Agriculture, and are trained using the latest international pest management techniques. 

We are also registered with the South African Pest Control Association, using the safest pesticides and techniques available, approved by the SABS.

With decades’ worth of experience to draw on, our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast is quick to determine the extent of your cockroach problem, and offer you a quotation that you’ll find offers lower rates than other pest control companies along the West Coast.

Pest Control Pros West Coast approach to Cockroach Control

Our team at Pest Control Pros has found that the most effective approach to cockroach extermination and control treatment is through the use of gel baits, along with the use of a residual spray.

If it is required, our team of specialists will also include the use of a gas and other spray treatments, which come in the form of emulsifiable concentrates, or wettable powders.

Food production areas are treated by our team using gel baits & pheromone traps, which we’ve found to be the safest, most effective cockroach exterminator, however, in more susceptible areas, it may be necessary to maintain a regular schedule of preventative cockroach control treatments.

Contact us before you reach for a cockroach spray can!

Our team at Pest Control Pros will be more than happy to assist you with any further information you may need when it comes to the safest way to get rid of cockroaches.

Contact us for an obligation free quote, and we’ll make sure our prices meet your budget, and leave you cockroach free!


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