What Should You Do First If You Spot Signs of Pest Infestation?

For the general homeowner, unless it’s obvious, we really aren’t too sure about what a pest infestation is. We know when we see pests and insects like a cockroach, scorpion, ant, spider and such, but the rest are quite mysterious to us and often leads to googling, which leads to the question, what should you do first if you spot signs of pest infestation?

Well, before we can really answer that question we need to know how to tell whether we have an infestation or not, since most of these critters are really experts at hiding, but they do leave signs of their visitations that can be spotted as a warning.

We’ll give you a short list that will help you see the warning signs of a few pest infestations here;

Gnawing marks on wires, boxes and other items

This is a sure sign that there are rodents sharing your space with you. They love anything from furniture and packaging to wires, plastic and much more. The gnawing on wires is particularly dangerous, especially since this could cause a fire or electrical shorts; not a good thing if you’ve got toddlers in the home.


Cockroaches, birds and rodents leave droppings that carry disease and can cause illness, so if you’re finding strange droppings around the house, you’re at ground zero!

Patchy Grass

Patchy grass is not always caused by a lack of water. It can be caused by rodents, birds, mole crickets, termites, ants and much more. If it’s not obvious it’s best to give the pest professionals a call for an expert assessment of your problem.

Food pests

If you’re finding holes in the packaging of foodstuff like flour, cereal, cheese or meat etc., you may well be sharing your food with weavils, ants, moths and mice.

Smells & sounds you don’t recognize

Hard to believe, but there are certain smells that only a pest control specialist can pick up and tell you exactly which pest it belongs to, but as for the scurrying of tiny claws and scratching on your ceilings and floors, it definitely means there’s a pest afoot!

This is where we introduce Pest Control Pros West Coast, who have gone to great lengths to give you a full rundown on all the pest infestations you’ll find, and how this team of pest control specialists deal with them, follow the link here, and you’ll know all you need to know about pest infestations.

What should you do first if you spot signs of pest infestation?

The simple answer to that? Call the pest control specialists at Pest Control Pros West Coast immediately! We suggest that you don’t even clean droppings or wings that have been shed, nests or any other signs of an infestation before you contact us.

This will give our team the opportunity to keep you safe, while they do an expert inspection to determine the extent of the infestation, and what type of pest you’re dealing with.

We bring decade’s worth of experience and international training to our pest control methods, making your safety our first priority, as well as that of the environment.

We form relationships with our customers, always being available to assist when pests invade, and invite you to view what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our service excellence, professionalism and friendly approach to pest extermination and control.

Contact Pest Control Pros West Coast today for an obligation free quotation and we’ll make sure you have absolute peace of mind in a home free of pests, at prices that can’t be beaten up the West Coast!


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