Wasp Pest Control

Wasp Control

Wasp control is typically only seen as a necessity where wasps regularly come into homes or offices, threatening occupants, children and pets. Removing wasps can be tricky for anyone untrained in doing so, as there is a high risk of being stung. We recommend making use of qualified pest control services when removing wasps. Unlike bees, wasps can sting consecutively. A wasp sting is a frightening experience for children and can be life threatening for anyone allergic to stings.

Our pest control specialists have found that most wasp control treatments are carried out on the Yellow Jacket, Paper wasp and Hornet species. Both Paper wasps and Yellow Jackets are beneficial in controlling many insect and arthropod species. For this reason, we recommend only considering wasp control measures where absolutely necessary.

How to Identify Whether You Require Wasp Control

If there is a high number of wasps around, there is likely to be a nest nearby. For effective wasp control, one would need to identify where the wasp nest is located. Wasps typically build their nests outdoors under eaves and overhangs. If they can gain regular access to your home, nests can often be found along the cornice, curtains, under tables and above windows.

Wasp nests are made from saliva and chewed wood pulp, giving it a papery look. A wasp nest starts off very small, about the size of a golf ball and typically in spring. This is the perfect time to conduct a wasp removal treatment as their numbers are still low. If left untreated a wasp nest can grow to the size of a football and contain thousands of wasps.

Is Removing Wasps Necessary?

A wasp sting is painful but generally causes no long-term harm. It can however be life threatening if you are allergic to the poison in the stings. The allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis and is more common in people who have been stung several times before. Wasp control is essential for those suffering from anaphylaxis as the reaction can be severe.

Our Wasp Removal Technique

Unlike some pest control companies, the Pest Control Pros does provide wasp control treatments. As stated previously though, we do not recommend removing wasps unless they are a threat. Our wasp control treatment includes a residual spray to exterminate the wasps and prevent new wasps returning for a period of time, thereafter we remove the nest. Protective clothing in the form of a bee suit is necessary to avoid being stung when removing wasps.

Pest Control Pros is committed to providing the best possible pest control service with safety and cleanliness in mind. Thus, ensuring that you as a customer are fully satisfied.

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