What is The Most Common Method of Pest Control?

There isn’t any one specific method of pest control that can be used to get rid of the wide range of pests that are found in homes and businesses, however, people still ask the question; what is the most common method of pest control?

For our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast, the most important foundation is to use pest control techniques and pesticides that are the safest to be used, especially when it comes to the safety of your family, as well as limiting damage to the environment, wherever possible.

We are about providing integrated solutions wherever there are infestations, taking an approach that ensures the most humane methods are used during the extermination of pests. 

If there are protected species in the areas to be exterminated, Pest Control Pros will relocate them to another area, rather than exterminate them with a blanket attitude.

We like our clients to know that the pesticides we use, are all SABS approved, and are only purchased through the most reputable pest control companies in the industry.

We more than toe the line in terms of being a well-established pest control company with our registration with the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA), and we are fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture, ensuring the very highest level of training for our teams.

The final feather in our cap is that every site where pest control is being carried out is fully supervised, giving the client total peace of mind that we respect their property and their time, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property.

What is the most common method of pest control?

With the wide range of pests that are to be found in homes, commercial and industrial properties, we cannot say what the most common method of pest control would be, as mentioned above, however, we can give you an idea about the type of pest control techniques we use, in general.

We cannot stress enough that we are dedicated to using the least toxic pest control treatment possible, which is still going to be highly effective against specific, targeted pests.

Not only does this approach protect our clients and fully exterminate pests, it also takes into account our care for the environment and our team.

Some of these pest control techniques and services include the use of;

  • Wax Baits
  • Gel Baits
  • Glue Boards
  • Residual Sprays
  • Aerosols & Fogging Solutions
  • Ultraviolet Attractants
  • Physical Barriers if necessary…and more.

Two different pest control techniques as examples

Perhaps it will help to give you two examples of pest control techniques used on two different types of pests, cockroaches and ants, to give you an idea of how one type of pest control technique doesn’t necessarily work on every pest. We’re just going to give you the bare basics here to make it simple and easy to understand.


Our team at Pest Control Pros find that the most effective combination of cockroach pest control techniques is to combine gel baits with a residual spray. If it’s needed, we also use gas and spray treatments, which come in the form of emulsifiable concentrates, just for a start! 

You can find out more about cockroach pest control treatments here. We have compiled a phenomenal amount of information on our website when it comes to each pest control service we offer.


At Pest Control Pros, we carry out 2 treatments 1-2 weeks apart for effective control of ants, unlike other pest control companies.

The first treatment consists of laying bait, which is then carried by the foraging ants back to the nest. The second treatment involves the use of a high-pressure pump that can inject insecticide into the ant nest, just to make sure that the ants that didn’t consume the bait are also targeted.

Read more here about ant pest control and why they need to be eradicated.

Contact our team at Pest Control Pros West Coast for the best guidance when it comes to pest control, our team will be more than happy to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your approach to pest control.


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